It’s 2018. Brexit protesters occupy the streets of London, the government is in chaos and the NHS faces a shortfall of community nurses.


How do you reframe arthritis as something society should also no longer tolerate?


Enough is enough.


Arthritis starts by taking the small things. And then, bit by bit, it steals life’s fundamentals — the ability to work; care for a family; or to move without pain. But we live in a world that simply shrugs off arthritis. Too often, it goes unseen and unchallenged.

The merger of Arthritis Research UK with Arthritis Care gave Re the opportunity to build a brand that would push back against these prevailing attitudes. One that would lead the charge in defying arthritis and demanding action for, and with, people affected by the condition. It also needed to be a brand with range, with the ability to speak to everyone from politicians to young people living with arthritis.


Power to the people.


Re developed a new name, Versus Arthritis, which encapsulates the collective battle against the condition. It captures the pressures, but also the power, of the people working together against arthritis. Those who constantly fight back against the condition: the carers and campaigners, researchers and runners, listeners and supporters. The people Versus Arthritis.


Movement for change.

The new logo is a visual metaphor for the collective battle with arthritis. The individual characters reflect the diversity of pressures caused by the condition and, used together, reflect the power behind the movement for change.

As the logo is built around the idea of applying pressure, motion and behaviour play a big role in bringing it to life — forming the basis of the logo, communications and digital expressions. It is a brand that constantly pushes forward: a force to be reckoned with.


Raising our voice.


Big and bold in character, ‘Versus Arthritis Display’ speaks out confidently, perfectly representing the strength and backing of Versus Arthritis. In partnership with Zeta Fonts, the bespoke typeface is one of the most powerful elements of the brand, and can be used freely across the whole charity without ongoing licencing costs.


Up close and personal.


We conceived Versus Arthritis as a brand with reach — appealing to a broad range of people across a wide range of communications. With this in mind, we commissioned two photographers and an illustrator to create a suite of expressive and impactful depictions of living with arthritis, capturing the physical as well as psychological impact of the condition.

Working with Sophie Harris-Taylor, our intimate portraits capture a unflinchingly authentic picture of what it’s like to live with arthritis by featuring real people with the condition. Portraiture, shot by Christian Sinibaldi, helps to paint a picture of everyday life across the broad cross-section of people with arthritis, coming from every age and walk of life.

Re collaborated with illustrator James Joyce to help bring to life a condition which can be tricky to visualise. Bold and bright, they’re a visual depiction of the pain, isolation and fatigue arthritis can cause, as well as the care, support and hope for the future Versus Arthritis provides.


M&C Saatchi London, who worked alongside Re on the brand development, created the launch campaign for the charity. A national outdoor and TV campaign, supported by media partnerships with Gogglebox, introduced the new organisation and movement to people across the UK. Results to follow.


Thanks to

Christian Sinibaldi, James Joyce, Sophie Harris Taylor

M&C Saatchi London, Zeta Fonts