It's 2018. The world’s last male northern white rhino has died in Kenya, and Kevin Pietersen is taking up the fight to save endangered animals from extinction.


How do you rebrand a cricket legend as a conservation hero?


A man with a mission

From test cricketer and Captain of England to conservation warrior - not your usual career move. But Kevin Pietersen is anything but conventional. Passionate, opinionated, unapologetic – you either love him or hate him. So when he came to us for a ‘brand’ refresh to spearhead his new mission, it was a cause and challenge we couldn’t refuse.

Our response is a personal brand that's authentic and generates awareness on the world stage. That taps into his past fame without limiting his future endeavours. That shifts focus to the cause beyond the man. And unites people behind someone who often divided so many.


Making his mark

To help distance the man from the brand, we separated the K from KP. The dismembered upper arm signifies the slaughter of rhinos just for their horns. While the upward motion of the arrow shape points to a higher cause and the promise of a safer future.


Framing the bigger picture

Tragically, the pointless slaughter and cruelty inflicted by haunters and poachers is not just reserved for rhinos. The dismembered K is symbolic of this appalling waste of wildlife, and frames the need to protect all creatures in their native habitats.


Keeping it young


Teaching kids about conservation is key to Kevin Pietersen’s vision. So, as well as handling harder hitting comms, the K mark needed to be equally at home in more sensitive circumstances.