Today, people have more entertainment options than ever before, theatre audiences are in decline, and governments are slashing support for the arts.


How do you reinforce the value of live theatre year on year?


Small but mighty.

It may be small, but Griffin is a mighty voice in Australian theatre. Having launched the careers of many of our best actors, directors, and playwrights, it is the nation’s only theatre dedicated to new Australian writing.

However, neither its reputation, nor its tucked away location in a historic building in Sydney’s Kings Cross, were enough to protect Griffin from the ongoing battle for funds.

So Re led the charge (without charging a thing), and over three years rebuilt a brand and creative platform that increased awareness and donations, while helping to cut costs.


Raw and intimate.

Re took the opportunity to re-embrace Griffin’s core values: raw, intimate and ground breaking. Re then brought these to life through an array of media, and attention grabbing activations.

Newsprint brochures reflected the gritty realness of Griffin. A stripped back approach to portrait photography conveyed the sense of being up-close and personal with an edge of discomfort. Just like a night at Griffin.


'Intimacy' - a collaboration with Collider


Powerful and emotional.

Re made a short film in collaboration with director, Jack Naylor, entitled ‘Intimacy.’ With a script by Australian playwright, Suzie Miller, and a cast of exceptional Griffin talent, the film perfectly captured the intimate experience of Griffin Theatre.

The film was one of the most successful campaigns Griffin has ever run. In just over a month after its launch, Griffin received more donations than for the entire previous year.


Up-close and personal.

Re brought to life one feature that truly differentiates Griffin – it’s size. With 105 seat capacity, the audience experiences a uniquely intimate relationship with the actors on stage.

The ‘Really Intimate Theatre’ pop-up brought that relationship even closer. This mini-theatre, set up in East Circular Quay, had room for one actor and one spectator only.

75 one-on- one performances were given, and a total of $82,047 was raised during the campaign period; a 40% increase on the previous year.


And the story goes on.

Bold, fresh, original Australian works are what Griffin is all about. And each season is a new exciting chapter in the Griffin story. So Re evolved a visual style to give the characters more context and share more of their narrative.

A style that also establishes a sense of consistency, without restricting the depth and diversity of upcoming seasons. So each piece of collateral continues to reinforce Griffin Theatre’s commitment to Australian stories.


The moral of this tale.

Sometimes brands are like people. Rather than pretending to be something you’re not, make the most of all you’ve got. Celebrate your differences, and you’ll make a difference.