Kit for the rider. Fit for the road.


Optus is on a mission to become more than a telco – a mission that has seen them become a major player in the entertainment game. For Re, that means keeping the Optus brand as entertaining and relevant as the content it delivers.

In the course of bringing this to life, a brief came into studio to design a cycling kit for Optus employees. Something tight and bright for those partial to a bit of lycra. Something that employees would genuinely want to wear. Something that moves at the speed of culture.

The first step was to take a look at our audience. Optus doesn’t blend into the crowd, so neither should the kit. This was significant for two reasons. Firstly, to express the individuality and spirit of each cyclist. But secondly – and most importantly – to keep people safe. We needed drivers to see the riders on the road.

Taking inspiration from cycling culture, we designed three kits that felt distinctly Optus. Each design was unique, from the classic stripes and polkadots of cycling's history, to the constantly evolving world of entertainment, to the valleys and peaks of the road ahead.

With Optus a diamond sponsor of the Tour De Cure, many of the leadership team take part each year to truly get behind the cause. This was a chance to take the new Optus brand on the road and show all of Australia just how bold we can be.

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