Dukes Education: reframing an education group as a family


We all remember our school years as some of the most important in our lives. While education tools and techniques may have changed since then, the objective of striking a deep emotional connection is still fundamental.

When Dukes Education came to Re, it was clear they had great passion and emotion in their people, but little was evident at the core of the group brand. As a group of independent schools and nurseries – each totally unique with their own character – Dukes was keen not to overshadow with their master brand. Striking the right balance of representing the shared culture and spirit of the Dukes family without over-dominating was critical.

In a category dominated with clichés, we saw an opportunity to stand out and dial up humanity in an authentic way. The brand is built around the concept of the ‘extraordinary family’, and the power and possibilities unlocked for all teachers, learners and parents by being part of this close community.

Take a look at the Dukes Education website launched today! And look out for the full case study coming soon.

News, WorkJaz Ashby