Re sweats it for D&AD New Blood


If winners are grinners, D&AD Award winners are like smiley face emojis on Prozac. And for D&AD New Blood Award winners* it’s also like a size 16 Converse in the door to any uber cool warehouse space from Surry Hills to Soho, NYC.

Such is the prestige of D&AD. Forever pushing creative boundaries to celebrate the best work from around the world. Brilliant ideas, beautifully executed. The type of thing we aspire to at Re, and for which we have received a couple of D&AD Awards.

So when Enmore TAFE needed mentors for their students entering this year’s D&AD New Blood Awards, we were quick to shout, ‘YES!’ In fact, we may have cut them off mid-sentence.

For our class of novices, we assembled a crack team of designers and writers to give them all we’ve got. And that’s just what we gave every Tuesday morning for six weeks. Everything to help them up and over that near vertical learning curve. Then watched and clutched our pearls as they took off all on their own. All through those long all-nighters toward that big, scarily looming deadline.

They all made it, and will hopefully meet their date with successful destiny. They certainly made it into Re for a well-deserved drink. Even managed to present their work to everyone in the studio (these kids had guts). Then expressed their gratitude with presents and appreciation certificates.

Which was all lovely, except we can’t help but wonder if it should have been us handing out the gifts and certificates. After all there’s so much more to be gained from giving back. And we got it back in spades.

Because Re believes that those who can, should teach too. It’s how we relearn what we’ve been taught. Rethink what we thought to be true. Regain what we forgot we had. And replant the seeds from which fresh new talent – and all we do – grows.


*Following the writing of this blog piece we've learnt that Seb & Emily, two of the students on our mentorship course at Enmore, have won a D&AD New Blood Award. You can see their project here. Awesome work Seb & Emily!


By Michael Pickering, Writer at Re|Sydney