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Rise up

On World Humanitarian Day, ActionAid Australia did something no one has done before – launched the first-ever global fund for women’s leadership in times of crisis, the Arise Fund. As part of the launch, we took part in the ‘She is the Real Hero’ march to celebrate the real heroes on the front lines of crises around the world.

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Optus Rockcorps

It's crazy to think that Rockcorps was dreamed up by seven friends around a pasta dinner a few years ago in Los Angeles. It's now a global movement.

Rockcorps started in the aftermath of 9/11. The founding team felt this was the perfect time for people to pull together to help each other, and have fun doing it. They wanted to figure out a way to work with brands to make volunteering a part of youth lifestyle – just like sports, music, fashion and gaming.

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Re Issue 01

Tomorrow will be built on creativity and inventiveness. For companies, organisations and brands, the ability to adapt with this shift and adopt new behaviours will determine who flourishes and who falls into oblivion.

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A year of two halves

A year of two halves, the AGDA events calendar/poster follows that theme because, well, half a year has already passed by so fast, without the time to even create a calendar! With plenty of events still to come, we thought it best to let people know.

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Our April Fools' confession

(Quiet on set)

At RE we are all about remarkable thought, and particularly enjoy when that 'thought' leaves room for a laugh.

It was in this vein that we decided to jump on the band wagon of April 1st, the topic of brand permanence in our sights.

(Roll tape)

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