Sum of its partst

We're excited to reveal our latest piece of work for the pioneers of digital architecture - Ridley. Ridley is an Australian firm at the forefront of some of the biggest developments in the architecture and construction industry. They act as a central hub for architects, builders and developers. Their job is to make sure everything comes together just so.
Historically an architectural documentation specialist, Ridley has pioneered the use of Virtual Design Construction, the digital revolution that is reshaping the industry. By attaching live data to every part of a 3D model, they’re able to gain an overview of the entire building process from start to finish. This drives massive cost and time savings.

The identity plays on this idea of seeing the bigger picture, using individual elements, partial views and cropping to create the whole. The use of human-centric data helps everyone who engages with the brand better understand the company, projects and the people who work there.

We think it came together pretty nicely.
Check it out on Behance.
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