Brand Permanence

How do you make a brand last longer than just a few years?

This is a question that has increasingly preoccupied us here at Re. As branding continues down a transient path of generative, flexible identities, are we seeing the last of brands like Coca Cola and Apple that truly stand the test of time?

Over the past months, our thinking around this issue has come together in one concept: Brand Permanence, a relentless focus on developing and creating brands that last.

Brand Permanence is about more than the work we do, it’s about ourselves as branding professionals. It’s our stand against the short-term nature of studio staff and the impacts this has on culture and workflow alike. It’s a commitment from each of us to leave a lasting mark on Re and equally to carry a piece of Re with us forever.

We’ve documented our thinking around Brand Permanence, and our journey towards it, in a short video.

We hope you like it.


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