Behind the beards

Gracing the pages of the B&T bi-monthly this February, is our Creative Director,Jason Little, and his gone-but-not-forgotten, beard. The article profiles “some of the smartest and most creative folk in media” who sport a face full of fur over the clean shaven norm.

‘Jason’s personal challenge of seeing if the bottom half of his face possessed the ability to push out follicles was beyond successful. However a recent holiday to Colombia led to the execution of his chin hair and he can no longer stroke the elegant curls in ponderous contemplation of his next endeavour during his work at branding agency, Re, part of the M&C Saatchi Group. With a list of awards for his creations far surpassing the length of his former beard, we vote for this surfing creative director to bring back the beard’.

Who knows what 2014 will bring, but for now Jason is claiming to enjoy a break from the sometimes itchy, often bushy, ‘you have something in your beard’, slightly ginger, instant hipster labelling, proof of manhood, bearded look.

Don’t fret however, as you can still see further bearded Bondi beaus shot by Tim Jones, on his beards of Bondi website. Watch this space for news of a forthcoming exhibition and book on the subject.

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