The Loeries (pronounced Loo-reez)

A few months back, Re creative director, Jason Little, was over in Cape Town, South Africa to judge the prestigious Loeries Awards. As both the Jury Chairman in the Design category, and a jury member in the Integrated category, he had his work cut out in helping to select the very best work of 2013.

As part of the Loeries Creative Week, all international jury chairmen, as well as leading South African creative leaders, were keynote speakers at the International Seminar of Creativity, held at Cape Town's City Hall.

Jason Little - Re

Jason spoke about ideas and the value of design, focusing on 8 key points:
Jason also wore a scarf during his talk, much to our amusement and his regret. The judging room:
Flying into Cape Town: 
Sketch pad doodles from @OgilvySA:
The main stage of the event:
With an exceptional line-up, it’s well worth taking some time to go through these truly inspiring talks. 40mins in length, you can watch them here:

Geoffrey Hantson - Duval Guillaume Modem


Goetz Ulmer – Jung von Matt


Graham Warsop – The Jupiter Drawing Room


Some of the Award winning work from the Loeries:
A. Campaigning for Cancer ‘Tokolosh’. Read more. B. Playboy Gutter campaign. Read more. C. Loom immersive retail. Read more. D. Live-Tweeting Badger for Johannesburg Zoo: Read more. E. Actuate Employee Engagement book.Read more.  F. Chappies Edible Street Art. Read more.
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