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We work with many great people and organisations, one of our favourite being Igniting Change – A charity sparking ideas, alliances and resources for social change by combining extraordinary lives. Giving a voice to people who often don't have one.

A while back we created the brand identity, highlighting the individual in words that often inspire prejudice, resentment or fear. See the person, not the label. Recently, we were asked to create a piece of art for a key member of staff, who was moving on to help another organisation.

We hand-inked an original artwork using a poem written by Dwaine Shrigley, one of the disadvantaged people that Igniting Change has helped.
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All good, no problem, no need to name Houston against the grain, igniting change, Jane Tewson a rare heart like ruby introduced me to Suzi a mother on board like a jack sparrow movie

not afraid to get dirty they sailed the seven seas ate kangaroo’s tails, a whale of remedies even when Richard couldn’t stand the flies and had to leave Suzi went all in wearing her heart on her sleeve

she represented necker island with such integrity and didn’t make homeless people like me feel secondary homelessness, aboriginals, asylum seekers not one of these people are invalid speakers

Suzi is a mother, Igniting Change her child raised to be self-sufficient, not wild like a mother through this journey, Suzi always cared well we cant replace you Suzi, this isn’t farewell

Dwaine Shrigley, 2013
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