Shot Down


Once a year the design community congregates to relive or lay rest the pet projects that never quite made it. Hosted by AGDA NSW this night is called Shot Down. Now in its third year the event gives four creatives the opportunity to come clean on the times they've been given the thumbs down. Who you’ve been shot down by – clients, your Creative Director, a girl at the office – is left to each speaker’s interpretation.


Hosted by Chris Doyle to a busy Play bar inSydney, our very own (sort of) Cat Van Der Werff spoke alongside Clinton Duncan (There), Ian Haigh (Ketchup) and Ben Chandler (Landor). Each speaker interpreted the topic differently. Clinton talked through several projects he’d been involved in that hadn't quite made it to the finish line. Cat relived projects that didn't see the light of day as well as one that did – only to get shot down by the public. She came clean on where the problems existed and what could have been done better. Ian, a motion designer by trade, covered three ways he’d been shot down: job redundancies, a failed office romance and his short-lived modelling career. Finally, Ben used 'The Let Down Graph' (emotional investment x time) to track a dessert packaging project that made it all the way to the very end...before the product itself failed to deliver.

The night ended with an insightful Q&A accompanied by a few beer chasers.

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