A few months back in a packed out Surry Hills bar, our Creative Director, Jason Little hosted AGDA's first (hopefully of many!) Pecha Kucha night. Seven industry leaders were each allocated a strict 20 slides to discuss their thoughts on the future of design. The result was a thought-provoking evening of ideas, plans and ambitions for what we do, and what we can expect from the next era in design. If you missed out on the night, we have the brief to the speakers and the videos online after the jump for you to check out. Be inspired and enjoy.

The Brief - Design Next

It’s a new era in Design, and with it a new wave of design challenges that are changing the way we need to find solutions. Are the old approaches no longer working, or is it just carry on as normal? We're now in a world of conversation, not one-way broadcasts, and digital' or multichannel thinking is rocking the more traditional 'Graphic Design' boat. And then there’s the huge shift in our industry from a design led discussion to a brand led one. Are you and your studio/agency stepping up these new variables? If so how? Where do you stand on these?

Finally, from a local perspective, The design world is on the cusp of a big change, and Australia has the opportunity to be part of that change. What are you doing differently or to push things forward? How do you see the future of our industry? How do you see the future of design/branding?

Graham Barton - Folk

Zoe Pollitt - Eskimo

Justin Smith - End Of Work

Anthony Donovan - Frost

Julie Faktor - Moon

Andrew Hoyne - Hoyne

Mike Rigby - Interbrand

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