The Ballsies


It's a standard expectation that year on year agencies produce great work, and some individuals standout as remarkable on the job. This year saw the launch of our internal creative Awards, The Ballsies:  A celebration of the very best work from RE, and the people that make it happen. A chance to acknowledge and reward those who poured blood, sweat and tears into creating game changing work.

Unique + Brilliant + Remarkable = Ballsy

Following a frenzy of submissions from the various teams in our agency, a jury of 8 convened to select and award the work of most merit.

This jury consisted of: Ben Welsh, ECD, M&C Saatchi, Graham Barton, CD, Folk Flynn Tracy, Principal, Tractor school of design Jason Little, CD, RE, Pat Guerrera, MD, RE Dave Sutherland, AD, RE Alexis Waller, Senior designer RE, - behance Gab Gleeson, Operations RE

The work was judged based on 4 categories: Ballsy BrandingCouragious Culture Tenacious Thinking Daring Design

In celebration of the work, Re took the day off to have a bit of fun and pat each other on the back for a job well done.

The winners were as follows:

Ballsy Branding Branding Schemes: Optus rebrand Brand Expression: Optus Brandbook Writing for Brand: Optus Brand Strategy: Optus Wingman

Courageous Culture Internal/External Comms: Re Blog Internal/External Initiatives: The Ballsies

Tenacious Thinking The Spoken Word: Clients that say YesThe Written Word: Celebrity Status


Daring Design Printed/Digital Collateral: Steve Li business cards Design Craft: Igniting Change poster Writing for Design: Optus User Guide

And last but not least, 5 individuals received people's choice awards:

Always Hungry – Alexis Waller Captain Culture – Alex Creamer / Loren Hughes Business Transformer – Dave Sutherland Ideas Pioneer – Alex Creamer The Heretic – Jason Little


The teaser posters


Compact invitations


Certified Ballsy


Our rather weighty trophies


Swinging in the wind...our Ballsiest people received a Maneki-neko


What a set of plums!

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