Australian Creative: The Round Table


Our creative director Jason Little was asked to contribute to Australian Creative magazine's 'The Round Table' in its February/March issue in which the following question was posed to 5 of Australia's creative directors: How long is too long? And what are the clues that you've been working on the same brand, with the same people, too long to do great work... and what do you do about it?Check out Jason's response below!

Tackling a completely new and difficult problem will often lead to a highly original and creative result. The innocence and ignorance forces us to try harder and push ourselves into new spaces. The opposite applies of course when working on familiar problems – we get comfortable, we follow formulas and work becomes predictable. More often than not, the work for long-term clients can lose its edge unless watched carefully, and refreshed regularly.

If you ask the majority of clients what they look for in an agency, they would say creativity. You can hardly blame a client for getting itchy feet when this is absent. It's an easy place to end up. Many studios and agencies are busy churning out work, while constantly searching for the next best client around the corner. It's fool's gold, and the cost of replacing a client far outweighs the cost of looking after the ones you have.

We can avoid this pitfall by making sure creativity is at the hear of our offering and ethos. When an agency puts the value of money above ideas, which is surprisingly common, then its future is sealed and many a client relationship will break up as a result.

We have to seriously consider our own employee value propositions, and rethink and re-evaluate the methods of attracting and retaining the best people. Get this right, and the clients will be right by our side.

- Jason Little

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