As growing numbers of research bodies and charities are becoming more reliant on private donations, it is now even more difficult to attract donors.


How do you get people to react and reach into their pockets?


Behind the research.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation is the only charity that channels 100% of donations to ending cancer. It awards between $1.5 million and $10 million for high-end equipment purchases and vital infrastructure development.

With no government funding, a more consumer-facing brand was needed to reach a broader audience. One that also integrated their new top level domain - .cancerresearch


Reimaging success.

People tend to relate to people, more than causes. Unless it is something that has personally affected them, a cause can seem too intangible to engage and act. They need something real, human, and quantifiable.

While recognising the invaluable research and the profound importance of ending cancer, Re also saw that success comes at a price. For researchers, it is the cost of their jobs. A price they are happy and willing to pay. For the foundation, it is its own demise. An outcome it readily welcomes.

So Re took an unique approach and set about putting the foundation out of business.


An out-of-business plan.

A new, clearer name – Cancer Research – leaves no doubt as to the purpose of the organisation. Donors immediately know how their money will be spent.

Bold, single-minded statements reference the end of the organisation in contextually relevant ways. The use of the full stop in the top-level domain name reinforces the sense of finality. While the generative typeface symbolises the continued progress in the various pockets of research.

By repositioning Cancer Research to fail, Re gave it space to confront a serious subject matter with a positive, achievable vision.